Hi, my name is Aleana
Let me open your eyes

Benefits of Aleana

Aleana always tells truth

Who am I?

I am a tool for business-activity tracking and work-sampling. I've been designed by Lean Professionals to be used in Lean Diagnostics. You can think of me as of a stopwatch on steroids, actually like 10 stopwatches. It takes 5 minutes to understand how to work with me.

I am for those who believe that you can't manage what you don't measure. I am good for Bank Branches, Shops, Back Offices/Service Centers. But you can also use me with your kids or to see who speaks most in a meeting.

Aleana always tells truth

I will give you answers

  • What do people really do during the day?
  • How long does it take them to execute the assigned tasks?
  • How many times are they interrupted in their work?
  • How does the real execution differ from the defined process design?
  • Does the team capacity match the inflow of work?
  • How fast are your customers served?
Aleana always tells truth

I will make your business more successful

  • Monitoring the success-rate of your sales and servicing
  • Helping you to adjust staff shifts based on client traffic
  • Allowing you to reallocate resources across teams/places
  • Discovering good and bad practices in your business
  • Prioritising your optimisation efforts
  • Gathering data for process maps truly reflecting reality

Look at me

Track your team’s activities or use me to guide them through work–processes. Adjust me to suit your business. Boost efficiency.

Notebook with dashboard

Personalized dashboard

Customized automatic reporting and BI of collected data across multiple dimensions

More info
Tablet with Aleana app

One-click time tracking

Intuitive frontend for measuring human activities, interruptions and switches

Notebook with dashboard

No-sweat work sampling

User-friendly interface allowing anyone to gather relevant work-sampling data

Tablet with Aleana app

Easy setup

Web console for continual adjustments and precise parametrization

Get a Personalized Quote for My Services

You only pay for what you really need, depending on the number of users and contract period. Opt for just the app (including access to the parametrization console) or add extra services to get the most out of my abilities:

Services Start package Advanced package
Configuration training
Reports example
Data extraction and elaboration training
Advisory on measurement approach
Reports customisation
Advisory on performance improvement and capacity allocation optimization

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